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Deciding which Role a person needs

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 2nd, 2023

Admins, managers, coaches, oh my! Let us explain the different roles users can have.

Jiminny will give permissions to each user based on the roles they need to perform. A list of these users is below. The Owner, Admin, Manager, and User roles are all full licenses.

Account Owner

Each Jiminny account will require an owner. There will be one owner on your platform and they set up the CRM integration so need to have full CRM admin access. They will have full permissions and total control over all settings and configurations. 


Admins have access to the Organization settings within Jiminny and can perform functions such as setting up teams, creating coaching scorecards, and managing members. 


Managers are appointed for each Team you have set up in Jiminny. They have default views over their teams for reporting and OnDemand. Managers can invite their team members. 


This is for your team members. This role is a recording seat and the users will be able to record/stream into Jiminny. 


This role is for people who will be actively coaching and accessing reports but not streaming their calls into Jiminny. The InsightsPlus role can download recordings. This is the difference compared to the Insight role.

External coaches or other departmental stakeholders, such as Product Managers, Marketing etc may be invited to listen back to calls and be able to coach. Once you select Insights, your role would flag up as "Coach" on the platform.

Important note: Please keep in mind that the InsightsPlus and the Insights role do not include a recording seat. In other words, they won't be able to record and stream to Jiminny.

Can I add users who don't have CRM access?
Good question and I'm glad you asked. 
Yes you can add anyone to Jiminny with or without CRM access which means anyone can be an Admin, Manager of a User. 

The only role which requires access to the CRM is the Account Owner. 

Calls that are made by users without CRM access may not be able to log their calls into the CRM although this depends on configuration as some users may not have CRM access but can push calls into the CRM from Jiminny. 

To invite users to join Jiminny, all you need to do is go to Settings>Organisation>Members>Invite User:

Billing* (coming soon!)

Your finance team will be able to download invoices and configure billing settings.