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Meeting Transcription

Search an automatically generated transcript within minutes of finishing your meeting

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Jiminny provides a powerful search engine on top of our AI-powered transcription. Allowing you to spend your meeting focusing on your guest - not scribbling down notes. 

It automatically transcribes your recorded meeting and is available as soon as the recording is processed in Jiminny (within minutes). After your meeting, anyone can search keywords within the call to quickly find a specific moment.

Using Transcription Search

To search a transcript, find and click into the meeting recording in your Jiminny OnDemand library. 

You'll see a search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the playback screen. When you type in a keyword, each time it was said, a dot will pop up over the organizer or guest audio to jump to where that word is.

Click the search result to jump and listen to that section or hover over the dot for more context. 

You can also search with transcript in the OnDemand page.

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