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Using the Recording Uploader feature 📹
Using the Recording Uploader feature 📹

Learn how to easily upload your recording into Jiminny with just a few clicks.

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What is the Recording Uploader?

The Recording Uploader is a feature in Jiminny that allows users to upload their meeting recordings directly to the platform. This ensures that all recordings are centralized, enabling users to take full advantage of Jiminny's conversation intelligence (CI).

How to find the Recording Uploader:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click on the On Demand section (or look for a Play ▶️ icon).

  2. Once on the On Demand section, click the Add Recording button located in the top right-hand corner.

  3. A pop-up will appear, asking you to choose a file to upload (or drag one into the pop-up).

    1. Note that this can be an audio or video file

    2. Note that this can be done for a maximum of 30 files (each 2GB max)

  4. Drag and drop files into this window or click inside to select files from your operating system.

    1. Note that only supported file formats will be available for upload, although these are the typical file formats you will likely be using (MKV, MP4, WAV, MP3)

  5. Make sure to select the correct Host and Transcription Language using the drop-down fields available.

  6. If you would like an email to be sent for each process file, please click the tick box available.

Please note: Participants in the transcription will be marked as Speaker 1, Speaker 2, etc.

Important note: The feature is only available for user with ‘Recorder’ role.

Adding a recording to an existing meeting:

  1. Find the Existing Meeting:

    • By default, the On Demand page shows only recorded meetings.

    • To find a meeting without a recording, scroll down to the filter called Recorded and uncheck the filter called Only Recorded.

  2. Add the Recording:

    • Once you have located the meeting use the Add Recording button to upload the desired file.

    • The recording will be attached to the meeting, using existing meeting information like the title and customer details.

Finding uploaded activities:

  • Platform Filter:

    • Use the Uploader option in the platform filter on the On Demand page to locate your uploaded activities.

Important note: The date of the recording will be taken from the ‘last modified' date on the recording file.

When to use the Recording Uploader:

Historical Recordings
Users can upload call recordings that where held prior to using the Jiminny platform, whether from cloud storage or other sources.

Training Opportunities
Users can upload training sessions recorded on different platforms, or individual calls that are valuable to train new employees on.

In Trial Process
Prospective users who want to see the benefits of using Jiminny more quickly can upload a number of calls, rather than waiting to create new recordings during the trial process.

Missing Notetaker
For instances where meetings are not captured, such as the Notetaker being accidentally removed, users can manually upload the missed recordings.


Q: What file formats are supported?
A: We support four popular formats - MKV, MP4, WAV, MP3.

Q: What is the maximum file size for uploads?
A: You can upload up to 30 files at a time. Each file can be up to 2 GB.

Q: Can I change the host and transcription language?
A: Yes, the host and transcription language settings can be adjusted during the upload process.

Q: Will the uploaded files recognize individual speakers?
A: No, speakers will be labeled (e.g., Speaker 1, Speaker 2) in the transcript.

Q: Where can I find my uploaded activities?
A: Use the platform filter on the on-demand page to locate your uploaded activities.

Q: Will I receive notifications when my files are processed?
A: You can opt to receive email notifications for each processed file. This setting can be adjusted during the upload process.

Q: What happens if my upload fails?
A: If an upload fails, ensure that your file meets the format and size requirements. You can try re-uploading the file or contact Jiminny's Support team for assistance.

Q: Can I upload recordings to specific activities?
A: Yes, you can upload recordings to specific activities using existing information like title and customer details.

Q: Can multiple users upload recordings simultaneously?
A: Yes, multiple users with recording licenses can upload recordings simultaneously.

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