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Using Themes
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Get quick insight into what was discussed in a conversation

Themes are designed to help you gather insights into which topics are discussed on your teams calls and meetings. Each topic is triggered by a keyword or phrase that you are interested in highlighting across their conversations.

Based on researching over a thousand hours of conversations, Jiminny has identified the key triggers for a range of themes relevant to your teams. This means that out of the box, we'll analyze your conversations and highlight what matters, saving you time reviewing activity. These include:

  • Deal risks e.g. competitors, concerns

  • Next steps

  • Pricing e.g. number of licences, seats

  • Late stage e.g. contract, timeline, negotiation

At a glance, you can see highlighted topics directly on the playback page for your calls and meetings. Want to see the full list and why we matched a particular topic? Just click the Themes button or use the Transcript tab to dive in.

Custom Themes

We want you to see the topics that matter the most to you, so offer the ability to add custom themes. Some ideas could include competitor names, product features, or even playbooks. Please speak to your Account Manager to get these set up.

What's next?

Currently, themes are only triggered on conversations in English. The team are working to expand this to additional languages. Please let us know which languages you'd like to see.

Soon you'll also be able to get notified when a topic if tracked on a conversation.


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