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Migrating from Gong
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Jiminny can migrate your conversations from Gong using their public API.

To do this, you'll need to retain access to the Gong platform during the migration. The conversations will function as a normal activity once the migration is complete, so you can search, comment, share and coach them. All languages are supported.

Migration Guide

1. Generate a Gong API Key.

To obtain credentials, you must be a Gong administrator. In Gong;

  • Go to Settings > Data Access > API.

  • Click Create to receive the access key and the access key secret.

  • Make a copy of these and securely pass them to your Jiminny Account Manager.

2. Decide the Migration Scope.

Consider which data you'd like to migrate over. Let us know:

  • Which period you'd like e.g. the last 3 months

  • Which systems you'd like e.g. Zoom, Dialpad

3. Schedule the Migration.

Depending on the number of systems and period you'd like to migrate, you need to provide at least 1 week's notice to Jiminny.

What gets migrated?

During the migration, Jiminny will map Gong users based on their email addresses. The following data is copied across:

  • The call metadata includes time, duration, customer, and attendees.

  • The conversation transcript will be available.

  • The conversation will have speaker separation and be playable, including video if applicable.

  • If the user does not exist in Jiminny (or hasn't accepted an invitation) an account will be created for them with an Insights role.

We don't currently import call comments from Gong. As the data is migrated, we do not generate summary and action items upon import.

Themes, Topics and Triggers:
- As part of the onboarding process, we will build out your Themes, Topics and Trigger words together to ensure that your configured correctly from the very first moment you join Jiminny.

- Export your trackers from Gong and we can convert them and import into Jiminny.

- All of your meetings will be brought over and will be analyzed by our platform at this point to give you all of your statistics and CI data.

- This means that you'll have all of your calls analyzed and ready to be coached when you migrate over.

What can cause a call to not get migrated?

  • If the call was not recorded in Gong, it will not be imported.

  • If the host of the call did not join the call, we cannot import it.

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