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Reporting and Analytics on Coaching Progress
Reporting and Analytics on Coaching Progress
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Coaching is movement. It’s identifying where someone is now and uncovering the game-changing areas to focus on to incrementally improve over time. As well as the amazing things they’re doing and should continue to do. All of this leads to better performance and bigger wins!

We’ve built our Coaching Frameworks to make coaching easy, accessible and consistent within your teams.

Once you’ve created your Frameworks, you’ll need the right tools to easily identify if the coaching happening in your business is having the right impact. Is your team coachable? Are they improving in their focus areas? Do they need more focused support or additional training?

We’ve made it easy to stay close to their performance by giving you reports to track and identify trends over time with our Coaching Frameworks analytics.

Performance over time

In Team Insights, under Coaching (here), you’ll find a visual report showing you the performance over time for your team.

You’ll see trend lines for each of your team members which show their performance over the last three months. You can use the options at the top of the page to filter the results:

  • Teams - select one team, multiple teams or choose to see all teams

  • Date range - we show the last 90 days by default - you can change this to any date range you wish

  • Coaches - see self-coached results or manager only coaching

  • Activity Type - choose between “Discovery Calls” or “Demos” to see specific trends

On the chart, you’ll see coloured dots - these represent completed Coaching Frameworks.

To access a deeper dive, click on the dot to see the call coached, who coached it, the rating and the breakdown of ratings per Framework Section.

You can also click the individual ratings to jump straight to that completed Coaching Framework in Playback.

Drill down into your team's performance per call type

Get a more detailed insight into trends over time. By clicking on a team member's name you can dive deeper into how they’re performing over time with specific Coaching Sections. As a reminder, these are the Coaching Sections:

You can easily see how people are changing over time with the more specific Coaching Sections. This allows you to identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and quickly grasp if the coaching is having the desired effect. If you find that it’s not, reach out to your CSM to plan a strategy session and we can help you here.

In the example below, rather than looking at the general “Discovery Call” Frameworks completed, we’re instead looking at the Sections within here. These are:

  1. Relationship Building

  2. Business Conversation

  3. Product Overview

  4. Closing

We can see that Becky currently has her strengths in Relationship Building and should focus her efforts working on her Product Overview. Aside from a peak at the beginning, she is generally improving in all areas which is what we want to see!

Becky can use this information herself to self-develop. She can seek out team members hitting 4s and 5s on their Product Overview and begin listening to their calls to give her ideas and inspiration for progress.

Does the reporting include all completed Coaching Frameworks?

No, it only includes the Frameworks that have been saved with the visibility setting “Visible to all”. Any Frameworks saved as “Visible to me” or “Visible to Coach & me” will not appear here.

What if I don’t want my team to see this?

We would recommend you keep the reporting visible to all as it helps people benchmark and find inspiration in their teammates to learn more. If you still do not want to allow access, you can restrict the visibility of these charts to Managers and above. An Admin or Owner of Jiminny just needs to follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Settings Cog

  2. Under Coaching click “Settings”

  3. Turn off the toggle “Reps and Insights users can see Coaching reports”

Are all Coaching Frameworks visible in the reporting?

No. Only the Coaching Frameworks that have been saved with the visibility setting "Visible to All" - those marked "Visible to me" or "Visible to me and Coachee" will not be included.

If you have any questions on Coaching Frameworks Reporting or any feedback please contact us via or using the in-app support chat.

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