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Coaching Focus
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We welcome a new feature to the Jiminny platform that helps us keep track of our teams coaching goals! It's called ‘Coaching Focus’. It's a great tool for leaders who coach their teams, let's learn more about it.

The goal of coaching a sales call 🎯

The ultimate goal of any coaching session is to build confidence. Performance coaching is best when it combines 2 things, high frequency plus a specific focus area.

High frequency will make sure your team members can really see how they’re improving week on week. Depending on your team size a weekly or bi-weekly coaching session would be perfect.

The focus area is the one thing you’ve identified from a coaching session that your rep should work on improving that will have the most impact on their performance; we call this the ‘game changer’.

How should I use the coaching focus❓
Think of the coaching focus tab like the storyboard of the reps development journey. You’ll be able to access the coaching focus tab from the playback section of any of the reps meetings. The coaching focus tab has 2 areas, they are:

At the end of the coaching session you should complete this with the areas the rep did really well at during the call/meeting.

This section should be completed with the one thing (two at max) where the rep should focus their attention in order to improve their performance.

The benefits of the Coaching Focus 🗣

Firstly, it will help you ‘focus’ your coaching feedback. It's easy for 2 things to happen during a call coaching session. The first is to not pay enough attention to what went well. This is so important for making sure your team appreciates the talent they have and what they should build into their playbook. The second is to assume every improvement area is essential. Sharing too many areas to work on with the rep is not only impossible for them to develop but will knock their confidence. The coaching focus feature helps us make sure we don’t make either mistake.

Secondly, the coaching focus will help you kick off every coaching session on the right foot. You should start by understanding how the rep feels they’re progressing with their game changing area, do they feel it still needs work? Or are they moving on?

Finally, the Coaching focus will give you a record of how each team member is improving which will be a great indicator of the results of your coaching sessions. Alternatively, if there are signs the rep isn’t progressing, it will help you understand if other routes outside of coaching need exploring.

To follow up this great new feature we will be launching the Jiminny Academy offering a range of Workshops, Training & Courses 🎓 for you and your teammates! The first Masterclass will be launching this November so watch out for updates!

We hope this helps! 🚀
The Jiminny Team

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