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How to create your Coaching Frameworks
How to create your Coaching Frameworks
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Coaching Frameworks help you create a consistent structure to feedback on calls and help embed a framework of what is important on calls. In this article, we’ll guide you through how to go about putting together your own Coaching Frameworks.

How do I go about putting together the content for my Coaching Framework?

When you listen back to a sales/ CS call, can you hear what was great about it and maybe what missed the mark?

The answer is likely yes!

And if you do, then you’ve already got a coaching framework, it's just built in your head. All you’re doing in a Coaching Framework is pulling that out of your head and putting it onto paper!

So start by asking yourself, what am I looking for in a great discovery call? (or whatever the sales/ CS activity is?)

Then write that list down. Taking Discovery Call as an example, the first two things that could come to mind are:

  1. The quality of the relationship

  2. The ability to uncover their goals

So these are 2 sections on my Coaching Framework.

Within those 2 things, there are skills you’ll be looking for from the rep that will determine whether they’ve done a great job at uncovering goals or building the relationship. So the next thing to do is write down how you’re assessing each area. Here's an example:

How will I know if my rep has built a great relationship on a discovery call?

I’ll know by listening out for these 4 things:

  1. Did the rep connect with the buyer on a personal level as well as a professional one?

  2. Did the rep really listen and show they understand what the buyer was communicating to them?

  3. Did the rep communicate in a way that showed the buyer they really cared?

  4. Did the rep deliver the meeting through a conversation vs a monologue?

So now I have created 2 things.

I have a framework section which is, ‘relationship building’ ✅

I have 4 areas to coach which will help me assess if the rep did a great job at building the relationship. ✅

Tips for creating your Coaching Framework:

  1. Limit the framework sections to 5-7

You will repeat the above process for each Framework Section that you believe is important in assessing performance within the sales/ CS activity. Be mindful not to have too many Sections in the Framework, it's got to be thorough enough that it does the job, but not too complicated that it's impossible to follow and use.

  1. Don’t create a list of ‘must ask questions’

This isn’t a script! And we must remember in sales (or CS), that it’s not what you do and say that shows quality, it's how you do it. Just because someone ticks a box by asking questions off the call script list, it doesn’t mean they’ve done a great job if they've not listened well and responded appropriately.

  1. A great call doesn’t have to check all boxes

You’ll probably coach many calls and notice that there were parts of the Framework with missing coaching notes, and that's ok! The coaching framework is not a checklist, it's a guide to help you have clarity and articulate to the rep what he/she is doing really well and what they need to work on. And if the rep did an awesome job in the call despite not landing a couple of the boxes, that doesn’t mean they didn’t do a great job!

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