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Import your CRM Custom Fields into Deal Insights
Import your CRM Custom Fields into Deal Insights
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We all have our little quirks in the way we do things and those quirks are part of what makes life so exciting. I like to have just a black coffee for breakfast and you like to create 38 new data fields within your CRM and order them alphabetically. Just little fun quirks!

The good news is that while we can't (yet) implement a breakfast management solution, we can give you the ability to customise the view of Deal Insights to best align with your CRM configuration and the view that best works for you.

Import Custom Fields from your CRM:
To streamline your experience within Deal Insights, you can now import your custom CRM fields into Jiminny and create a view specific to your business to better track your pipeline at scale.

In order to do, you'll need to head to Settings / Organisation / CRM Data:

Screenshot showing the Jiminny platform's deal insights page

From here you can choose which fields you want to "Show" and which fields you want to "Hide" enabling you to customise your view for the organisation pipeline at scale.

Note that the "Hide" column is sorted in alphabetical order.

The order of the fields defines their position in Deal Insights so the closer to the top in the "Show" column - the further to the left they'll be in Deal Insights however you can mix and match to your hearts content.

Note - There are four fields which are pinned to the top of the "Show" column and these are fixed and cannot be moved, removed or repositioned:

  1. Deal Name

  2. Owner

  3. Deal Risk

  4. Timeline

Standard vs. Non-Standard Fields:
You might be curious from the gif at the top of the page - what do the fields marked with a "!" mean? Well my eagle eyed friends, the exclamation mark refers to a CRM category field being either:

1. Standard Supported Fields:

We support the four values and any fields which use one of these values will be considered Standard:

  • Amount

  • Date

  • Text

  • Multi-Selector

If you are the owner of the deal in question and the value of the field is one of these four values - you'll be able to edit the values in Deal Insights.

These changes will be fed back to your CRM too - so any changes to Standard fields in Jiminny will be pushed back and reflected in your CRM.

2. Standard Unsupported Fields:

If the field-type is not one of the supported fields, then it will appear as "Read Only" in Deal Insights to display the data so there will not be any editing abilities and you will not be able to make any updates to push back to your CRM.

3. Non-Standard Fields:

If the field-type is non-standard - which means that the value is not clearly recognisable as one of:

  • Amount

  • Date

  • Text

  • Multi-Selector

Then there is no guarantee that Deal Insights will be able to display the data (and there will not be any editing abilities).

Note - if there are fields that you wish for us to support, get in touch with us and we can consider them in future releases for Deal Insights if there is sufficient demand and resource.

Why is this so valuable?
1. Give you a customised Deal Dashboard:
We give you the ability to customise your 360 deal view to best suit your needs. This gives you total flexibility in your deal dashboard, as well as pushing changes in Deal Insights back to your CRM seamlessly.

We're continuing the streamline the admin process around sales and this improvement gives our customers the power to create a view that is most effective and efficient for them.

2. Meet your changing needs:
The view and deal dashboard that works for you today may not be the view that works for you in the future and Deal Insights supports your changing needs and the changing need of your business over time as your evolve.

3. Improved Deal Risk Visibility:
By exposing more areas of your deals in one view, you're also exposing more visibility into potential risks and getting ahead of them. Knowledge is power and having clearer visibility over your pipeline is critical to the success of your business!

Who can implement these Custom CRM Fields for Deal Insights?
At present, the people who can add / subtract CRM Fields for Deal Insights are:

  1. Jiminny Owner

  2. Jiminny Administrator

  3. Jiminny Manager

The deal owner can edit the Deal Insights fields.

Do I need to do anything to get started?
No you do not need to do anything, as long as you're using a CRM that is supported by this update you can utilise this improvements to the Deal Insights dashboard immediately!

The current CRM's are supported:

  1. Salesforce

  2. Hubspot

  3. Pipedrive

  4. Copper

At present, Bullhorn is not supported with Deal Insights.

How long will it take?
You should give Deal Insights a few minutes to update and populate new columns with data - if there is still no data after 15 minutes or so, try remove and adding the column again - otherwise get in contact with our support team.

Any questions - get in touch with us directly via our support chat or reach out to your wonderful CSM!

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