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Update your CRM within Deal Insights
Update your CRM within Deal Insights
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Make pipeline reviews more effective and streamlined using Deal Insights.

Jiminny's main aim is to make life easier for you, and for you to win! πŸ₯³
Within Deal Insights, you can view and also update data that comes directly from your CRM πŸ€“. This means during pipeline reviews (and in order to prep for them) you can easily see the deal amount, what stage a deal is, the close date, next step and forecast category.

If you're the owner of the deal, you're also able to edit the fields within each stage as shown below. Once you update any of these fields, it'll also respectively update within your CRM making work life more efficient for you and your team πŸ₯³πŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜Š

At Jiminny we aim to make life easier for you, so having all of this within Deal Insights means you'll never have to jump between platforms 😊

​Please note:
Your contacts must be located within your CRM for us to import information related to each deal.

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