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Zoom Phone with Outreach Cadencing
Zoom Phone with Outreach Cadencing
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We are on a mission to help ambitious sales & success teams reach their goals and grow. By breaking down the barriers that have prevented coaching & collaboration we help teams unlock their full potential 🀩

If your Sales Development team leverages Outreach for dialling, there are two ways that we can support this. Either the SDR team can use Outreach for cadencing and the Outreach dialer - in this scenario, we will pull all Outreach calls into the Jiminny platform (more info on the setup process here). The second option and what this article is about, is using Zoom Phone for dialling.

How does it work? 🧐

This feature works by placing calls using Zoom Phone as a Dialer in Outreach.

What does this mean for you?😎

This means that if you are using Outreach, you will also be able to initiate calls from Zoom Phone.


  • If you want to use Zoom Phone as a dialer your admin should add the Zoom Phone app to your Outreach instance (found in the marketplace here) .

  • After that, you will have to change the voice setting in Outreach in order to use Zoom Phone - found in Administration β†’ Organization β†’ Org Info β†’ Voice

  • The last is to install our Zoom Phone integration. The Admin of the Organization is the one who should install it. Install by visiting Organization Settings > Integrations and clicking the Zoom Phone logo.

  • For us to activate Zoom phone as a dialer integration for Outreach please raise a ticket with your CSM.


Which calls do we pull in?

Once the Zoom Phone Integration is connected, Jiminny will start to import all calls made in Zoom Phone by active Jiminny Users.

Which calls don't we pull in?

Those where the user doesn’t exist in Jiminny.

What if my calls are not pulling into Jiminny?

Please check if your email with Outreach matches the email you are currently using with Jiminny. We'll need both emails to match for us to be able to pull your calls through.
If your email being used in Outreach is different to the one in Jiminny, then you'll be able to go onto profile in Jiminny, then under "Secondary email" you can enter the second email to enable Jiminny to sync and pull in your calls.

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