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What is Sidekick?
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The Jiminny Sidekick is your own personal sales assistant. You can capture every conversation, automate all your activity into the CRM, live-coach at the moment, send SMS, dial out, and much more! You can do so many things with the Jiminny Sidekick!

Jiminny fits into your workflow and can easily record, transcribe every voice and video interaction. You will be able to get visibility over every customer interaction.

Downloading and installing the Sidekick

Firstly step you can easily download the Jiminny Sidekick extension HERE. It's very simple for you to use and add to Chrome.

Once you successfully downloaded it you can log in to the extension, and then the icon will be coloured pink just like this:

Also, you will be able to open it and browse around the different menus - Home, Contacts, Messages, Meeting, and Live Coach.

Logging calls & meetings via Sidekick into your CRM

Jiminny enriches your CRM with a complete summary of every conversation. Capture time-stamped notes for an accurate reflection of meetings and save hours by automating the logging of your calls and meetings.

You can find a detailed article HERE. 🚀

What are time stamped notes?

Save yourself valuable time. Instead of having to remember all important parts of a call to write up and log later, you can take time stamped notes during your Zoom meetings. These notes are automatically logged to your CRM and into Jiminny for easy reference. 🙌

Key moments can also be easily added throughout a call with one simple click! Keep an eye out for the plus sign in the speech bubble at the top right of your sidekick throughout the meeting 👀

Dialling out and sending SMS via Sidekick

Jiminny Voice can be used for Outbound & Inbound Dialing. Plus full SMS functionality from your CRM & Sidekick. Please find a full guide on how to do this in our article HERE. 🔥

Important note: You can dial out directly through your computer or to forward the call to your mobile phone.

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Additionally, you'll be able to see the exact meeting you're having in that moment in Sidekick regardless of where you navigate.

Live-coaching at the moment

You can incognito join meetings to observe, support, and provide guidance. Drive success together by sharing winning behaviours and create a culture that collaborates with Jiminny.

*Features will depend on the plan you have.

For more information find HERE! 🤖

Book a training session with our team or contact our Support anytime!

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