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Live Coaching your video calls⚡️
Live Coaching your video calls⚡️
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Coach your team live and in the moment!

When your teammates are using the Jiminny Notetaker on a video call you can join incognito 🕵️‍♀️ to watch in real-time

Learning in real-time is super engaging, and has some great use cases

1. Ramping up and onboarding your new starters faster
2. Coaching in the moment and having a feedback session when it's fresh in the mind
3. Letting other teams in business observe without disrupting the customer - marketing, product, etc

We'd like to introduce you to Live Video Coaching 🎥! So here is how it works...

Step 1: Finding a Live Meeting:

Within the Jiminny platform or Sidekick, you'll see a lightning bolt in the left-hand menu. Click on the bolt and will show you a list of all the current in-progress meetings for your team.

Step 2: Joining a meeting as a coach

Once you've chosen the meeting you would like to 'join' if you hover over the 📹 icon, you can then click 'join' where you will be taken to a live-streamed version of the meeting.

Upon joining the stream, the Coach will see the following screen, with a live chat on the right side of the screen.

Once you're in, no one other than your team will be aware of your presence. You can press play to listen and watch but you cannot interact with the meeting that's happening.


As teammates join a call as Coaches, the host of the meeting will receive the following notifications:

  • E-mail notification for every time a user joins a meeting;

You can see these notifications in Sidekick as well

You can also turn on these notifications in Slack notification for every user who joins a meeting;

Live Chat, Chat Notifications, and Sidekick Behaviour

Once the Jiminny Notetaker joins a video call, the host of the meeting will see their ongoing call as pinned on top in Sidekick. Once the host navigates to the pinned meeting, they will initially see two tabs, related to their ongoing meeting - Log to CRM and Take Notes.

Once a user joins a call as a Coach, a third tab appears for the meeting host, under the pinned-on-top meeting in Sidekick - the Live Coach tab. From the Live Coach tab, the host of the meeting is able to receive and send instant messages from and to teammates who are coaching them.

Where do your coaching notes get sent?

After the meeting ends and the call has been processed, the live chat messages will also be visible in the Playback page of the meeting which has been streamed. To see them, please ensure you have the Coaching Chat toggle switched ON. The live chat messages are marked with a whistle icon, indicating the exact times during a call, when they were sent.

The messages can also be seen from Playback → Notes → Coaching

If you log your activity to the CRM, these notes will also appear in the activity that you log to the CRM.

Settings options

Live coaching is on by default for all customers. You can control this feature at the organizational level just go to...
Organization settings to toggle Video streaming. Settings → Organisation → Coaching → Settings → Video Calls.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact our team anytime! 🚀

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