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Top 5 tips for Managers to get started | Jiminny Help Centre

A couple of tips to help you seamlessly traverse this journey with Jiminny

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at March 21st, 2024

If you've found your way here then you're already an initiative taker, someone who's ahead of the pack and always looking for ways to maximise the revenue of your team.

This motivation is going to serve you very well on your journey and once you combine this attitude with the data in Jiminny… well, let's just say they should print your boarding pass for President's Club now as it's going to be a formality. 

To help you get started, we've put together a few ideas to smooth the embedding of this process:

  1. Understand call recording and why it's nothing to be concerned about:

    - The idea of call recording can be a little big brothery but the truth is that calls have always been recorded - you just didn't have access to the recording until now. 

    - Athletes invest hours each week into reviewing recordings to understand how they can improve and that's the mindset you need to introduce to your team. 

    - Honest insight into their performance is how you develop and become the best version of you. It doesn't have to be a concern, it's a way for us to really improve and at the end of the day, make more commission!

  2. Build consistency into your schedule:

    - Building habits is one of the hardest things to do but that's why they're so valuable. It's all about turning up on the days you don't want to that separates good from great. 

    - Think about a time in your schedule for 15 mins every day where you'll be able to sit down and actually listen to your teams calls that week. 

    - The practice of making this a regular action has huge benefits; managers and reps who listen to 3 hours of calls a month experience an average of 15% higher win rates. 

    - Multiply that by the number of team members and you're looking at some major gains! 

  3. Investigate what good looks like:

    - We all enter this process saying we want to see our sales reps improve and really start nailing their outbound calls. 

    - However, we do need to start listening in to find what good actually looks like so that we can benchmark this in the future. 

    - Taking the time to listen to your best performers and identify what components actually make them good will provide invaluable as you train best practice into your team. 

  4. And we're live!

    - Coaching doesn't have to be retroactive despite what you may believe. 

    - With the Live Coaching tab, you can see a list of any live meetings happening and join them to coach your team members directly. 

    - You team member will receive a notification you're there but you won't be shown as an attendee. 

  5. Get to know Team Insights:

    - Spend a little time in Team Insights after the team have used Jiminny for a few weeks so you can understand how much data there is and what you can do with it. 

    - This view is going to be a major asset to your when it comes to coaching best practice and tracking the adoption of new methodologies later down the line. 

    - Once you know your way around the place, don't hesitate to book some time with your CSM to understand how you can take this to the next level and action these insights!

One last thing, we think it's always interesting to hear how other people have used Jiminny and take some learning from them so check out this Customer Success Story from Connectd - who saw an 11% MoM increase in revenue across their sales teams since implementing Jiminny: