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Switching your CRM
Switching your CRM
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Your CRM migration in 5 easy steps:

We have a straightforward process in place to integrate Jiminny with your new CRM without losing any of your existing data!

Check out the 5 easy steps to integrate Jiminny with your new CRM:


  1. Give your CSM a warning and schedule a switchover date with them, communicate which CRM you wish to migrate to;

  2. Update the Activity Types in your Jiminny Platform to mirror the Activity Types (or Call Types) in your new CRM (check out this article on Configuring the Activity Types)

  3. Communicate to your CSM any Custom Fields details:
    - API name
    - Field Type
    - Where should those appear (Sidekick AND/OR On Demand & Team Insights)
    - Do the fields apply to both voice and video or either?


  1. Once your CSM confirms the switch to the new CRM has been done, please log back into your Jiminny platform and confirm with your CSM once done

  2. Your CSM will book a testing call with you and a member of our Back End engineering and Support teams to test and ensure everything is working seamlessly on the day of the switch

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