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SmartMatch - Your Calendar to CRM solution
SmartMatch - Your Calendar to CRM solution

How Jiminny reads Calendar Invite Subjects to automatically populate the activity type

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One of our core principles at Jiminny is finding ways to automate the lives of our customers and give you more and more time back to spend in other ways.

This latest iteration is a core part of this idea, that meeting admin shouldn't be a task you fear but something that is automated with accuracy.

SmartMatch gives your reps the automated power to log activities within your CRM based on the subject line of your calendar invites.

For example, once you switch on this SmartMatch feature, any meetings featuring “Demo”, “Meeting”, or “Discovery”, etc, these can be set to automatically populate the activity type and be logged as appropriate.

The feature is organization-wide which means once enabled, is active for all of your Jiminny licensed users.

You can find it here:

When Jiminny imports the meeting from your calendar it will automatically inspect the subject and if a match is found for a word that is in your activity types then the type will be populated automatically for your activity.

We are using full match when searching for activity types. If the subject contains “Web Demo” it will not match the activity type of “Client Demo”. Also, the search is case-insensitive.

If you are using our Sidekick autolog feature the activity type from the subject will be used if matched. If not it will be set to your conference autolog type setting.

Key value proposition of SmartMatch

1. Automatically logs meetings as the correct activity type in your CRM saving time on admin.

2. Ensures that meeting are logged correctly to improve CRM data accuracy.

When should I enable SmartMatch?

You should enable SmartMatch if:

a) Regularly state the type of meeting that is taking place when creating calendar invites.

b) You use more than 4 activity types and have them set up as activity types in Jiminny.

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