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How to customise Deal Risk In Deal Insights
How to customise Deal Risk In Deal Insights
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Wave goodbye to losing deals and lets dive deeper with Deal Risks

Jiminny's main aim is to make life easier for you, and for you to win! Introducing Deal Risks, this feature allows you to set trigger points for every crucial moment within a deal, so you never miss an opportunity to act quickly. Diving in we are able to provide top class feedback and alerts on which deals are best to engage with, allowing you to focus on deals which matter the most 😎

Why Deal Risks?

With Deal Risk you are able to Keep a closer eye on every crucial moment within your deals 😲 by customising and amending your alerts on a per team basis. As part of Jiminny, You get Grade A access to all Risks, enabling you to drive success within your team πŸ₯³

Why Miss Out On Any Changes Made Within A Deal πŸ€”

With Deal Risks we can set automatic trigger alerts to notify you and your team at any given moment when something important happens.
​Does your client keep mentioning a competitor? Well with Deal Risks you will be notified each and every time this happens, keeping you and your team ahead of the game 🀩
There are many other options to select from and Everything is customizable on a team by team basis 😍

What does this mean for you and your team?

The primary role of insight is to future-proof your organisation, equipping you to deal with disruption and change at any given moment. This means that we can say goodbye to leaving deals with 0 activity for X amount of days and say hello to keeping up to date with your deals.
Keeping on top of all risks and acting quickly, allows you to take extra care with those risky deals = Customer satisfaction.

How to set up Deal Risk Triggers 😁

Once we hover over the Yellow boxes within the Deal Risk column, it will show you the potential deal risk within each opportunity.

Deal Risk can be customized per team basis.
To enable this feature we must do the following:

  • Click Settings

  • Go to Organization

  • Go to Teams

  • Click All Teams

2. Now that you have selected Deal Risk, a box should have appeared on your screen as shown below.

Now looking at this box, this is where you will tailor the boxes to what's important for your team. This will be tailored based on your sales process, your sale length of cycle or how you like to run your sales motion.

You can create individual Deal Risk as a team as shown below.

Cheat sheet to understand what each box represents

No Recent Activity (In days) If there has been no activity with client for X days, it creates a deal risk.
​No Response (In days) If client hasn't responded in X days, it creates a deal risk.
​Deal Value Decreased (in %) If a Deal value decreases by more than X%, it creates a deal risk.
​Single Threaded Deal (number of contacts) Define how many contacts need to be actively engaged at a minimum. Single point of contact is a major risk generally.
​No Future Activity Scheduled - If there are no future activities related to a deal, It creates a deal risk.
​Close Date Passed - If a deal goes passed a closed date, It creates a deal risk.

Competitors Mentioned - Turning this on will mean that Jiminny tracks all competitors that you've identified (when you've curated a list in Themes -> Deal Risk, Topic -> Competitors) and automatically triggers a deal risk when they are mentioned in a customer interaction. If you want to exclude any competitors, you need to manually enter them in the box shown below:

No Change In Deal Stage For (In days) If a deal hasn't been updated in X amount of days, a deal risk will be created.

3. Once we press update, it'll take 15 minutes to synchronize for the first time.

Once updated, we will now be able to hover over the yellow boxes and take a look at our new Deal Insights

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