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Deal Insights for Managers πŸ“ˆ +πŸ” = πŸ’°
Deal Insights for Managers πŸ“ˆ +πŸ” = πŸ’°
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Deal Insights for Managers
Deal Insights is designed to give a source of truth across all your deals and opportunities across the board. For the very first time, you can see all the activity and engagement across your pipeline. Deal Insights is designed to help you in 5 key ways!

  1. Help you to truly forecast your whole pipeline accurately

  2. Spend your time on the deals that matter

  3. Easily spot coaching opportunities

  4. Support with deal management & pipeline reviews

  5. Automatically Identify Deal Risk

Each team must connect their Calendar & Email to Jiminny to make sure we can import the key data you need.

What do we Import to the deal view?

  • Emails directly from your Inbox both sent and received

  • Video meetings

  • Voice calls

  • SMS - if you are a Jiminny Voice users

House rules and important points to note?

  • Your contact must be located within CRM for us to import emails related to them

  • We pull in data from activities whether it is recorded or not

  • Activities that appear are not dependent on being logged from Sidekick

  • If you use Instant invite you must log the activity to the CRM for it to map correctly

Compatible with multiple CRM integrations: Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Copper


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