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ConnectAndSell Integration with Jiminny
ConnectAndSell Integration with Jiminny
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Introduction to ConnectAndSell

ConnectAndSell is an advanced sales acceleration platform designed to streamline the process of making outbound calls.

The Power of Connecting ConnectAndSell with Jiminny

By integrating ConnectAndSell with Jiminny, organisations can harness the power of both platforms to supercharge their sales processes. This connection enables teams to automatically capture every conversation made through ConnectAndSell, analyse them for insights, and use data-driven strategies to improve sales performance, coaching, and customer understanding.

Steps to Connect ConnectAndSell to Jiminny

To facilitate this integration, you'll need to provide specific credentials from your ConnectAndSell account to your Jiminny Customer Success Manager (CSM). Here's a step-by-step guide to generating and securely sharing the required information:

1. Enable Anonyous Download Recording and gather Your ConnectAndSell Credentials

Firstly, in order for the integration to work, ask your ConnectAndSell Account / Customer Success Manager to enable the "Allow Anonymous Download Recording" feature for your team. This is required for the integration to work.

Next, Log into your ConnectAndSell account and navigate to the settings or API section to locate your API credentials. You will need to provide the following parameters:

  • API_USERNAME: Your ConnectAndSell API username.

  • API_PASSWORD: Your ConnectAndSell API password.

  • API_KEY: A unique identifier provided by ConnectAndSell for API integration.

  • API_SECRET: A secret key used in conjunction with the API key for authentication.

Example credentials (do not use these exact values; they are for illustration purposes only):

  • User Name: michaelScott

  • Password: thisismyreallybadpassword100

  • API Key: E925A01D-328D-56R5-99A6-D3D344A8E45B

  • Secret Key: 3C53B3BB-8F76-93RT-8F73-C94030F7C9FA

2. Securely Share Your Credentials with Your Jiminny CSM

Once you have generated the necessary credentials, the next step is to securely share them with your Jiminny Customer Success Manager (CSM). It is crucial to use a secure method of communication for sharing these sensitive details to protect your account's integrity.

3. Integration by Jiminny Engineering Team

Upon receiving your ConnectAndSell API credentials, the Jiminny engineering team will proceed with the integration process. This involves configuring the backend systems to ensure seamless data flow between ConnectAndSell and Jiminny, enabling the automatic capture and analysis of all sales conversations made through ConnectAndSell.


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