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Hubspot Dialer Integration with Jiminny
Hubspot Dialer Integration with Jiminny
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We are on a mission to help ambitious sales & success teams reach their goals and grow. By breaking down the barriers that have prevented coaching & collaboration we help teams unlock their potential.

If your Sales Development team leverages Hubspot for dialing, Jiminny's integration will pull your recorded Hubspot dialer calls into the Jiminny OnDemand library.

How to enable the integration?

If you want to enable the Jiminny <> Hubspot dialer integration, please contact your Account Manager or Support. Our Engineering team will be alarmed and the integration will be set.

Which calls do we pull in?

Once the integration is connected, Jiminny will start to import all outbound calls made in Hubspot by active Jiminny Users.

Every 30 minutes, we import calls completed during the previous window into Jiminny OnDemand and the same rules apply as recordings done through Jiminny.

Important note:

Additionally, we won't import an activity if:

  • the user doesn’t exist in Jiminny;

  • there is no recording in Hubspot;

Click here to find out more on call recording activities within Hubspot.
If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact our Support team! 🚀

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