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Everything you need to know about the Jiminny Mobile App
Everything you need to know about the Jiminny Mobile App
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The Jiminny Mobile App is an exciting new way to access the Jiminny platform. Available on iOS and Android, it empowers our users to maximize their coaching potential and deliver high performance insights on the go.

The release aligns with our own mission to transform coachable moments for our customers and give you ever more tools in your armory to build a successful coaching culture and drive increased revenue from your teams.

If you’re an existing Jiminny customer the functionality of the app should already feel familiar and intuitive, however for those who are new around here, don’t worry - this guide will outline how conversation intelligence works on the go and the key benefits of implementing this practice.

The key thing to remember with the app is that it is a library of content, all created by the people within your business.

What that means is that you have all of your meetings recordings available, including your playlists and can find specific meetings to play and provide feedback directly.
If we take a look into some of the key sections and features of the platform:


First up, Dashboard - and you will find that they all do exactly what they say on the tin - think of this as your homepage, where you can see:

  1. Scheduled Meetings:
    - My meetings
    - My team’s meetings
    - My organization’s meetings

  2. Recordings:
    - My Recordings
    - My team’s recordings
    - My organization’s recordings

  3. Trending:
    Which is a list of the most played recordings in the last month.

  4. Live Feed:
    This is a list of live meeting recordings from the business that are being captured in real time.


Within this section, you can find the library of all of your meeting recordings. You can then apply filters to find specific videos that contain:

  • Another teams recordings

  • Meetings where a competitor is mentioned

  • Specific customers

  • Specific sales reps

  • Specific phrases that have been said

  • Specific phrases that haven’t been said

And a whole host of other fantastic filters (there are a lot!) to give you total flexibility over how you want to search your library.

You can utilize multiple filters together to narrow your search and look at Saved Searches (which are essentially pre-set filters) to pull up regular lists you’re particularly interested in (for example, you may want to regular check on how often your key competitor comes up and coach your reps directly through the app on how the can best communicate your value proposition to close more business).

Screen recording to show use of the Jiminny mobile app

On to the juiciest section, this is where the magic happens. For real. Within the playback section, there is a whole host of functionality to enable you to listen, engage and coach your reps on the go.

1. PlayerThe clue is in the title, you can play the meeting as a video or listen to the audio, with the ability to skip 10 seconds forwards or backwards. You can change the playback speed to suit your requirements from 1x to 2x. (Fun fact: listening at 2x for long periods will cause space and time to become abstract and formless.. You have been warned!)

However, the Background Player is the biggest innovation we’re thrilled to share with you which provides the ability to play your recordings in the background and download them to listen to offline.

This means that you can be out and about - laptopless - and still tap into key moments within your pipeline to pinpoint areas of risk and deliver crucial feedback in the form of call comments to your team and drive better deal progression.

2. Summaries and TranscriptionJust like in the Jiminny platform, the mobile app will generate a summary of your meetings which outlines the key points and enable you and your team to quickly scan what happened in the meeting.

A key new feature for us is the introduction of four new summary languages (French, Spanish, German and Italian) which you can take advantage of by changing your language settings in the Jiminny platform to the relevant language. (note this is still in Beta!) Bellissimo!

There is a full transcription of the meeting available, with the platform catering to over 40+ languages to meet your international needs.

3. Comments & Coaching

You can apply comments directly into the meeting recording to coach your team on best practice, things they’ve done well and things they could have done better on.

You also have the ability to define who can see the comments and the meeting owner will be notified of your comments.

You can then start a thread of feedback - as well as deleting any comments you make.

Perhaps most importantly, you can now implement Coaching Frameworks giving our users the power to not only listen, but coach on the go.

Screen recording to show how to leave coaching feedback in the Jiminny mobile app

4. Performance MetricsTrack rep performance across a range of metrics and benchmark them against best practice. Metrics include:

  • Talk to listen ratio

  • Longest monologue

  • Talking speed

  • Conversation Switches

5. Sharing

Sharing is caring and we enable sharing to the platforms you’ve already defined when you set up Jiminny. Share best practice directly from your mobile device to your team in seconds, wherever you are.

6. Themes

It’s another big one, key conversation themes are tagged and time stamped so you can pinpoint every single time a buying signal is triggered automatically.

Once you’ve instructed the platform on which keywords to listen out for, you’ll be able to see insights on where these keywords are appearing and streamline how you review, take action and benchmark high performance.

For example, you can track every time a competitor’s name is brought up in a deal to see how many deals in your pipeline need competitive intelligence work to position yourself effectively.

7. Additional Functions

  • Question Insight

  • Add to playlist

  • Statistics

  • Some very exciting releases are coming soon!


Playlists are great as a means of setting key meetings to listen to and provide feedback, onboarding new starters or catching up on things you may have missed.

You’ll now be able to access all of your Playlist’s within the mobile app and the tracks inside of them, as well as the ability to create new playlists on the go and make any changes you want to existing ones.


Congratulations on making it this far in the blog, you’re a real one. Notifications is by far the most self-explanatory section - you have a list of notifications and they lead you to the Playback page when related to specific calls or moments within calls.


Who doesn’t love a bit of support when you need it most? That’s why our support team is available within the app at the click of a button - no redirects, just response times within a minute to solve your issues.

How to get access?

Now that you have been suitably tantalized and educated on the app, the obvious question is how do I get access to this thing?

There are a few ways you can do this, firstly by searching for “Jiminny App” in the App Store and using your Jiminny credentials to log in.

Secondly, you can find out more via our website.

Thirdly, you can reach out to your CS manager and chat with them in more detail about how it works and getting set up :)

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