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Recording Management 101
Recording Management 101
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Softphone Recording Options

At Jiminny we give you the opportunity to define how recordings are managed at an organizational level to ensure that your recording practices meet your business needs. We'll walk through each option and showcase the various options available to you:

Outbound / Inbound Call Recordings:

First up is Outbound Calls, where you can select from the following options:

  • On by default

  • Off by default

  • Rep's decide

Recording Compliance Mode:
Here you can set governance rules based on area codes and international pre-fixes to help comply with privacy laws.

Your options are:

  • Off

  • Prompt for consent

  • Do not record

  • Record rep only

This gives you the option of one-way audio recording where appropriate.

Conference Recording Options

Automatic Recording:

Jiminny will populate your meetings as linked to your conferencing tool and calendar so any external meetings will align with the rules set. These meetings are recorded by default but this can be changed on a user or organization level. On your Dashboard, you are able to control the recording preference for each upcoming meeting individually.

How do I know if my meeting will be recorded?
In order to check if your meeting will be recorded, you can see your meeting in the Dashboard. If the Rec button is red and filled in then the meeting will be recorded.

If not, you can click on the button to toggle on recording.

You can also manually add the Notetaker using this button below!

Email Recording Opt-out option before the meeting starts:
This option allows external guests to disable recording for the entire meeting if they decline via the pre-meeting notification options. This is great for ensuring that all parties are compliant with recording requirements in advance of the meeting.

Scheduled internal meetings:

Internal meetings are ones where all the participants are using the same email domain e.g. "". By default, the recording preference for internal meetings is turned off since it can contain private or sensitive information. You can update this preference by contacting your Account Manager.

Personalization of recording bot and message:
You can also customize the name of our meeting recording bot and the recording compliance message to align with your own requirements:

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