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Organize your customer conversations into Playlists
Organize your customer conversations into Playlists

Create collections of your best (and worst!) calls and clips

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A playlist is a collection of recorded calls or meetings which can contain clips and full conversations. Make them for yourself or share them to allow for next level collaboration within and across teams. 

Organize, categorize, and leverage your most valuable onboarding and sales enablement content - conversations with your customers.

With Jiminny Playlists, it’s easy to find the right track to leverage for coaching and collaboration in any moment, at your fingertips. 

Your Playlists

Every Jiminny user has their own personal Favorites playlist. You can Favorite a call from the Playback toolbar using the star icon.

Only you have access to share or edit your Favorites playlist.

Creating, sharing and locking a Playlist

You can create as many Playlists as you want - keep them for your own reference or share them to collaborate on the topics that matter to you and your team.

You can share your playlists with individual teammates or whole teams.

As the Owner, you can also lock a Playlist to prevent from further sharing of a Playlist.

Adding a clip to a Playlist 

Similar to how you share a clip via Slack, you can click and drag to select only part of your call recording. Click the Playlist icon to add to your Favorites, or any other Playlist you have access to. 

Removing or modifying a Playlist and Tracks

If a Playlist is shared with you (and unlocked), you can add clips or calls to that playlist. If you are not the Owner of a shared Playlist, you can remove it from your view by selecting Delete. This will only remove the Playlist from your list view, it will not delete the Playlist for the other members it's shared with. 

If you delete a track from a Playlist - it only removes the call or clip from your Playlist. The recording will still be available if you search in Jiminny OnDemand.

Use Cases

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making your own or creating shared Playlists with your team. 

Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

  • Sales Messaging: Organize your slickest sales pitches into a Greatest Hits Playlist

  • Onboarding: Day 1 training material. New reps can start listening to calls as soon as they have access to their email account

  • Team Coaching: Sales managers can share an empty Playlist on a specific topic or theme they are working on at the beginning of the week. Each rep can add clips or meetings from the week - and Friday you can have a group coaching session to review. 

  • Product: Create a Product Feedback Playlist to share feature requests directly with your Product and Dev teams

  • Sales Enablement: Compile and share your best responses to common objections or competitors

  • Marketing: Share the voice of your customer (literally) with your Marketing team

  • 121 w/ Manager: Encourage the team to bring snippets of calls to their 121, they can use the playlist to store them each week.

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