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Team Coaching 🏆

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 11th, 2023

What is Team Coaching

This is an hour dedicated to team sessions. 

Preparation for this style of coaching 

We recommend creating a rota to feature all team members within a certain team. When their turn on the rota is approaching, each team member selects the call they want to be coached on and describes their coaching goals for the session to the team. Every member of the team is expected to listen to the call in their own time ahead of the coaching session and be ready to provide feedback exclusively around the team member's goals and celebratory moments of the call.

The benefits for the manager

Coaching multiple team members at once (time saving). Listens to every team member's work overtime, so stays close to his team's work. The manager isn't the sole coach as every member of the team can offer input.

The benefits for the team member 

Being empowered to pick the call they want to be coached on and owning their goals. Increased sense of ownership and connection to their outcomes. 


There are none. I just encourage you to ask yourselves whether your teams are mature enough to be at ease with others listening to their calls and providing feedback and also ascertain there aren't language barriers preventing this from being doable. When teams are completely new to team coaching, it's often best to start off with Share & Learn to warm people up to coaching, before going into Team Coaching, which is a bit of an evolution from Share & Learn as it entails people listening and providing feedback on one another's calls.

Please reach out to your CSM or our Support team to take part in these workshops and embed this into your culture! 

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