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Share and Learn 🎯

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 11th, 2023

What is Share & Learn

This is a 45 minute to an hour team session. We also refer to it as self-coaching with accountability, as ultimately, it’s centred on sharing findings discovered through everyone listening back to their own calls

Preparation for this style of coaching

The team member selects the call they want to listen back to and does so in their own time. They are expected to identify one thing they did really well in the call (What Went Well) and one thing they need to improve on (the Gamechanger) and be ready to articulate it to their peers in the coaching session. Successful Share & Learn will see different team members offering tips and recommendations to each other to nail their Gamechangers.

The benefits for the manager

Coaching multiple team members at once (time saving). Gain insight into how the team members reflect and what they think. Nurturing an empowered and independent team who know how to self assess and learn from one another, not only manager reliant.

The benefits for the team member

Being empowered to pick the call they want to listen to and choose the areas they want to hone in on. Seeing multiple people in the team as a source of inspiration. Learn to provide themselves their own feedback and act to bridge the gaps in their areas for improvement.


People don't get direct exposure to each other's calls.

Please reach out to your CSM or our Support team to take part in these workshops and embed this into your culture! 

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