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Disco/Demo Coaching Template

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 11th, 2023

Below you’ll find an example of a Disco/ Demo template. 

Disco/Demo Coaching Framework: 



Coaching Area

Coaching Notes



Building meaningful connection

Connect on a personal level

Active listening: Be present and understand whats being communicated

Empathy: Show you care

Deliver the meeting through conversation

Business Conversation

Understanding goals whilst 

building credibility as a  partner

Ability to uncover business goals; What challenges are they needing to solve and why now

Discover how the prospect quantifies success

Understand the customers needs from the solution

Demonstrate how  we have helped customers in similar positions


Paint the picture  of how your prospect will benefit from our solution

Why us  positioning:

The prospect believes  our USPs are ‘must haves’ for success

(Label key USPs here) 

Match solution with customer goals

Discuss solution with enthusiasm

Demonstrate competitor  knowledge and highlight differences


Building path for buyers decision making process 

Ability to uncover and address customer concerns

Ballpark pricing only if required

Understand timescales for decision and implementation

Understanding of prospects buying process; steps and team involved

Gaining commitment on next steps

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