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Intro Call Coaching Template

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 11th, 2023

Below you’ll find an example of an Intro Call template.

Intro Call Coaching Framework: 



Coaching Area 

Coaching Notes

Frame the Call

Start the call right 

Inviting opener to the call

Map out the agenda 

Build Personal connection 


Build personal connection

Empathy: Show you care

Deliver a conversational meeting

Project your enthusiasm 

Discover their goal


Discover (or recap) the customer goal/s

Learn why the goal matters now (trigger)

Demonstrate credibility

Understand today’s coaching culture

#BeCurious to help them better

Discover what coaching happens now

Learn the teams attitude to coaching

Understand where on the coaching pathway we should start

Describe the  impact they’d like to see Uncover what good looks like

Learn what good results look like over a defined time period

Describe how Product + Service can support them

Agree course of action Are you aligned?

Communicate what steps forward and why

Uncover and address any customer concerns

Be clear on who is involved in the next steps

Book in next steps Make sure to have the next steps booked before ending the call Get the next step booked in on the call