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What's new in Jiminny

A comprehensive guide of release information

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at November 30th, 2023

November 2023:

  1. New Dialer Integration available: TalkDesk
  2. New Product Feature: SmartMatch
    - Gives the reps the automated power to log activities within the CRM based on the subject line of the calendar invites.

    - Designed to continue reducing the amount of time sales reps spend on admin. 
  3.  Transcription accuracy improvements to French, Spanish, Italian & German

October 2023:

  1. New Dialer Integration available: Vonage 
  2. New Product Feature: Jiminny Intelligence
    - This is the introduction of AI generated meeting summaries and action items.
    - This will happen automatically for every new meeting recording.
    - Meeting information is transcribed in English only currently. 
    - These summaries can also be shared automatically with two core CRM's at present (Salesforce & Hubspot) 
  3. Exposed additional information externally through out Customer API
    • Summaries
    • Action items
    • Teams and Topics on Organisation level
    • Teams and Topics on a call level
    • Questions 
  4. Search and filter are available for the ACS list in the Settings section
  5. Support for Zoom Phone as dialer when pulling calls from Outreach
  6. Notetaker can now join “Open” type GoogleMeet meetings
  7. Introduced Totals in the Conversation tab in Team Insights

September 2023:

  1. Clean up/Restructuring of the tabs in the Playback page:
  • Make room some exciting new AI functionality we'll be building into the Playback page. 
  • Moved the “Comments” section under “Coach” as the comments are mainly used for coaching purposes so makes sense to group together.  
  • Remove “Attendees” tab as the information is duplicated within the page and this creates space to introduce new functionality. 
  • Under “Notes” we renamed the subtab from “Meeting” to “Notes” to make it clearer that these are the related notes taken during the meeting itself.