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What is Ask Jiminny (Beta)?

How you get the most out of Jiminny's AI assistant

Written By Harry Hawkins (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 6th, 2024

How to Use Ask Jiminny (Beta)

The Ask Jiminny (Beta) feature introduces a powerful AI-driven tool designed to enhance your Jiminny experiences by providing insightful and actionable outputs directly from your meeting recordings. This innovative feature leverages advanced AI technology to analyse your conversations and generate useful information such as concerns & blockers, a follow-up email draft, engagement rating, risk assessment, and comprehensive meeting notes. This feature is currently available in English, with plans to expand support to other languages.

To take advantage of this feature, follow these simple steps (Firstly, speak to your CSM to enable this Beta feature):

  1. Access Your  Recording: Navigate to the recording you want to analyse within the Jiminny platform.
  2. Activate Ask Jiminny: Look for the pink wand button located next to the search transcript box on the playback page.
  3. Select Your Desired AI Prompt: Upon clicking the pink wand, you will have the option to choose from five preset AI prompts based on your needs:
    1. Concerns & Blockers: Identifies potential concerns or obstacles discussed during the meeting.
    2. Follow-up Email: Generates a draft of a follow-up email based on the meeting's discussions.
    3. Engagement Rating: Provides an engagement score indicating the level of participant involvement.
    4. Risk: Assesses any risks mentioned or implied during the meeting.
    5. Meeting Notes: Offers comprehensive notes summarizing the key points and discussions.
  4. Generate AI Output: After selecting the desired prompt, the AI will process the meeting recording and present you with the generated output.
  5. Copy and Utilize the Output: With a simple click on the "copy" option, you can easily copy the AI-generated output for further use, such as incorporating it into reports, emails, or action plans.