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Salesforce Application - Upgrading from Beta
Salesforce Application - Upgrading from Beta

(For beta users of the Salesforce Application only)

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Learn how to smoothly transition your Salesforce application from beta to the official release, ensuring a seamless upgrade process for your users and maintaining the functionality of your application.

Jiminny would like to extend our appreciation to you for being part of our Beta user group. With your help we have been able to adapt and improve our Jiminny Salesforce application.

We hope you have enjoyed the experience so far and we are please to announce we are officially on the appExchange.

Read more about the benefits of the package here.

This guide is to help you as the admin, install the latest version from the appExchange.

Pre-Installation steps - Uninstall Beta version

  • You will need to uninstall the Beta version of the app. To complete this process you will need to delete the components on the object which you previously setup (Account, Opportunity, Contacts, Leads). Then you will also need to delete all of the components which appear in the “Jiminny Starter” App.

  • Remove the permission sets assigned. Salesforce > Setup > Users > Permission Sets > Click the hyper link for both “Jiminny for Salesforce Administrative User” and "Jiminny for Salesforce Standard User" > Manage Assignment > Select all checkbox > Delete Icon

  • Now the pre-requesites are complete in the salesforce environment you can follow the standard removal of an installed package. Salesforce > Setup > Apps > Packaging > Installed packages > Find “Jiminny for Salesforce Beta Release” and click on the Uninstall hyperlink

  • Scroll to the bottom of the uninstall window. Select the “Do not save a copy of this package's data after uninstall” radio button and select the “Yes, i want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components” checkbox and press the uninstall button.

Salesforce will now run through the steps of uninstalling the package.

You will lose the data you have imported with the Beta package, but you are able to sync back the last 5 months with the new version.

  • Once this is complete you can now browse to the Appexchange and follow the steps of the installation guide again here.

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