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How your Jiminny Dashboard works
How your Jiminny Dashboard works
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Your Jiminny Dashboard is designed to give a cockpit view of where to coach, listen, and set up your day! This is your hub for everything that is happening across the team.

Let's give you a little tour around...
​Recordings across the business ⏯
Filter and see recordings easily. You'll see a custom view based on your role.

See what's trending πŸ“ˆ

See whats hot across Jiminny, you can filter by most played or commented recordings.

Plan your schedule πŸ“…
See your schedules and control which meetings to record, be made private, or even to be sent to you automatically once completed! Great time save for daily coaching and brings you closer to the important calls.

Live activity feed ⚑️
See a real-time feed of all the public activity across your organization.

  • Meetings and calls that have been listened to by the team

  • Meetings that have been shared with public channels

  • Coached scorecards that are public

  • Your Nudges will also hit the feed

Navigation bar

  • On the left hand side, you can use the pink bar to find all areas of the platform!

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