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How your RingCentral Video integration works
How your RingCentral Video integration works
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Once the RingCentral integration goes live on your platform or you sign up for the first time RingCentral meetings will start to be recorded, analyzed, and transcribed into the Jiminny platform. This will provide you with more opportunities to learn, self-coach, and share customer conversations with your teammates. The integration also means easier logging to your CRM! πŸ™Œ Read below for all you need to know about the integration, how it benefits you and how it works.
​What do I need for the integration to work?

The integration will be enabled by your Organization Admin so there is nothing you need to do in your Jiminny or GSuite account.

Important note: Insights licenses would not be able to record meetings and stream them to Jiminny.

How can I be sure that my RingCentral integration is working?

You will notice that there will be a participant in your meetings called the Notetaker (although this could also be branded to your company).

Important note: The Notetaker name is customizable! Your team can change the name of the bot by going to the Organization Recording settings in your Jiminny platform. Awesome, right?

Which RingCentral will be recorded?

All meetings you wish to record can now be recorded regardless of whether they are scheduled in your calendar or not. You can also control which one of them you want to record or not from your Dashboard at any point in time and also by simply inviting the Notetaker. If you have internal recording turned off, the Notetaker will only join meetings that have someone external join (ie not with your company email domain).

You'll be able to invite the notetaker from your SideKick even if you have not scheduled that particular event!

*Once you sign up we will look forward and import your next 30 days of meetings into Jiminny for you!

How should I schedule my meetings?

This is super simple just schedule a meeting in your Google Calendar like normal, and make sure it is a Join with RingCentral details added. Then the Notetaker will join at the scheduled start time of the meeting. *Please schedule your meetings a minimum of 15 minutes before, to make sure they have time to import to your Jiminny Dashboard to be recorded.

How do I stop recording? While your meeting is in progress:

During the meeting, you can stop recording anytime by removing Notetaker as a participant from the meeting. Please note that if you remove the Notetaker, the recording would be stopped and deleted. With RingCentral Video any person in your organization can remove the Notetaker, so please be aware of this when joining meetings as a team.

Turning off my recording permanently: This is controlled in your Jiminny profile just go to recordings to toggle recording off. *Please note this option is exposed and controlled by your Jiminny admin.

When will my recording appear in Jiminny?

The time can vary depending on the duration of the meeting, but you'll likely see the meeting fully analyzed in Jiminny around 30 minutes after it has ended. We capture the recorded audio, video, screen sharing and transcribe the meeting. You'll have access to all the coaching tools and analytics too!

How does the integration help me log my RingCentral Video Meetings?

Jiminny Sidekick is your personal sales assistant designed with one thing in mind - to make your meetings simple and easy. Sidekick gives you more time in your day to work with customers and gets accurate, rich data into your CRM! You can change your Sidekick settings anytime in Jiminny. We recommend choosing 'Start & End', the Sidekick will pop at the beginning so you can take time-stamped notes and again at the end for easy logging to your CRM. *Please note it takes a few seconds for the full summary to appear after you end the meeting.

Best practice for ending and logging your meeting...

The best practice is to always hangup your meeting where possible not just shut the tab. Ending the meeting will prompt Notetaker to leave automatically, and pop Sidekick so you can summarize all the key meeting information and log it directly into your CRM. *Please note it takes a few seconds for the full summary to appear in Sidekick after you end the meeting.

What about instant meetings?

We are able to support Instant meetings and no longer only rely on meetings scheduled in your calendar to record and analyze. Please read more by viewing our article on Instant Invites.
​Can I uninstall the integration?
Can I uninstall the integration? This can be removed in the organization settings by any Jiminny admin or owner.
​Who can I contact if I have questions?
Please reach out to the Jiminny team via the "Help" button at the bottom left of the Jiminny platform for any questions, we will be happy to assist! πŸš€


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