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Summaries & Action Points - The AI hack for sales teams
Summaries & Action Points - The AI hack for sales teams

What is Jiminny Intelligence and why is it so exciting?

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One of the most common challenges teams face is getting a quick grasp on what’s going on in the client or prospect journey. Now, imagine if you could take an hour-long meeting and understand exactly what happened and the key action outcomes in just 90 seconds!

What are Summaries?

Summaries are a streamlined way to condense a meeting into a few key components and ensure that anyone reading the summary has a strong high level understanding of the meeting and its outcome.

This insight allows the reader to understand potential opportunities and risks revealed within the meeting and be prepared for subsequent meetings quickly and efficiently.

These summaries are generated by the platform artificial intelligence and use text captured from the transcript to identify the key snippets of a meeting and collate them into a lovely, accessible summary.

How do they work?

Summaries are automatically generated from the transcription of your meetings and can be found within the Jiminny Intelligence tab of the Playback page.

The key takeaway from this section is that you don’t have to do anything once you’ve set up the Jiminny platform; summaries are generated automatically for each meeting / call you have - just sit back and enjoy!

Why are they valuable?

If it wasn’t already pretty clear, the key value of summaries is saving time. How much time is saved every day by having meetings automatically summarized into the highlights depends on how many meetings you have per day but imagine a team of 50 reps.. Spending 10 minutes after each meeting writing up their notes manually..

Now imagine if this manual work was replaced with all automatically generated, concise meeting notes.. 10 minutes x 50 reps x 4 meetings per day = A WHOLE LOT OF EXTRA TIME. Wouldn’t that be something? Shame that we can’t generate and push these summaries into the CRM though…

What are Action items?
We've also released AI-powered Actions items which provide a list based on your meeting on key action items needed to progress the conversation.

These can be found within the Intelligence tab, alongside the summary.

Sending Summaries into your CRM automatically:

We are thrilled to announce that summary to CRM is now something you can toggle on at the organizational level and enable instantly.

You can find out more on this topic here!

This functionality is available for Salesforce at present however we’ll keep you updated on future innovations for additional CRM’s.

What languages are summaries available in?

Summaries are available in all transcription languages we have. What this means is that we’re automating the note-taking across multiple languages at scale to give your international sales reps this timesaving hack tool.

How do I get access?
If you’re a Jiminny customer then you already have access to summaries and all you need to do to turn on automatic summaries to CRM is head to Settings, Organization and toggle the “Send Activity Summary to CRM”button on. You can find out more on sending summaries to CRM here!

Which CRM's can I use this functionality for?
At present, this functionality is available for:

  • Salesforce

  • Hubspot

How does it display in each CRM?

For Salesforce:
- In the presence of an Opportunity, it is linked as a related note.
- If there is no Opportunity, it will be attached to the Lead as a related note.
- If there is neither an Opportunity nor a Lead, it is appended to the Contact as a related note.
- If there is no Opportunity, Lead or Contact, it is connected to the Account as a related note.

For Hubspot:
- As Hubspot doesn't operate with "Leads", Summary x Action Items are attached to Deals as a note.
- In the absence of a Deal, it is connected to the Contact as a note.
- If there is no Deal or Contact, it is linked to the Account as a note.
For you visual learners, please refer to the below two gif's for guidance on how to enable the function and then what it looks like on the CRM side of the house:

Next Actions:

As always, for more information on this amazing new feature just visit our website, reach out to your brilliant CSM or schedule a meeting with our sales team to get started!

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