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Importing your Themes and Topics
Importing your Themes and Topics

How to upload your Themes and Topics into Jimnny

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Themes and Topics are integral to the way Jiminny tracks sales rep performance and are a crucial indicator in how we implement data-driven coaching practices.

Therefore, having a way to easily upload these key phrases into Jiminny is instrumental to use cases like:

  • Onboarding onto Jiminny for the first time

  • Migrating over from another CI Provider

  • Implementing a new sales methodology

  • Implementing a new talk track

  • Managing changes to scripts

  • Employee Onboarding and self coaching

  • Auto-scoring for best practice

How does it work?
It's very simple indeed! You'll need to head into Jiminny and go to Settings > Topics, head to the top right where it says “Import”.

You'll then have a pop up where you can drag and drop your CSV file containing your Themes and Topics. This CSV file can be requested from your existing provider or you can use the “Download template file" option to import your Themes and Topics into the correct fields before uploading it.

It's important to note that for best performance, the CSV is capped at 2900 line items to ensure smooth upload, so for anything longer we recommend splitting it out before ingesting it into Jiminny.

The template file looks like this and contains the following fields:




Said by


Theme color (optional)

Tech Stack






Tech Stack


Microsoft Teams



Tech Stack





What benefits does this give me?

1. Streamline Onboarding:
Simplify and expedite the onboarding process for both your CX team and users with our Custom Themes & Topics upload feature. Setting up your company's unique trigger words and phrases is now a breeze, saving valuable time and effort.

2. Enhanced Prospect Experience:
Remove obstacles for potential customers to explore the Jiminny platform and become loyal clients. Any trial or new customer can easily get set up in minutes to test out the platform with their real Themes and Topics - unlocking its full potential.

3. Effortless Multilingual Management:
Empower your users to effortlessly check, add, and update multiple trigger words and phrases in various languages. Our intuitive interface ensures a fast and easy experience, allowing your team to focus on core tasks instead of time-consuming language-related tasks.

4. Efficiency for Dev Team:
Say goodbye to repetitive work! By utilizing our Custom Themes & Topics upload feature, development team can save precious time and effort, redirecting their focus towards supporting your CX teams effectively.

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