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Setting up your Playbooks
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Your playbook is where you map your internal processes into a series of actionable steps. In order to help you coach effectively, Jiminny needs to know your activity types within.

When you configure your teams you will need to assign each team a playbook. This way you can segment your users with full flexibility. For example, you may have the following teams and playbooks:

  • Customer Success - UK (Success Playbook)

  • Customer Success - US (Success Playbook)

  • Sales (Sales Playbook)

Your account will start with a blank canvas, but we recommend adding two:

  • Sales Playbook

  • Success Playbook

To configure these, visit:

  1. Click Settings cog (bottom left) > Organization > Manage > Playbooks;

  2. Click Add or simply edit an existing one by clicking on its name;

  3. Provide the following information when creating:
    ​Name - choose something descriptive;
    ​Log activity as - Tasks or Events (IF using Salesforce);
    ​Enable - Please make sure you will enable it.

  4. Click Save.

When you create a new playbook, Jiminny will automatically import all of your activity types from your CRM. You'll want to configure your activity types and delete any that aren't applicable (for example, email or face-to-face meetings).

Important note: Please keep in mind that this option is available only for Admins and Owners.

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