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Improving transcription accuracy

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 10th, 2021

Jiminny Transcription is great in order to find particular moments of your conversations easier. We use it to surface key topics, questions and even action items. Jiminny supports over 20 languages and has a Word Error Rate (WER) of 19.2% on Global English.

Sometimes, there could be a word or phrase that is not matching exactly what was said. We are happy to announce that we can collaborate and fix this together! Here are the steps you should take, so we can help:

1. Find examples of the word that is not matching accurately;

2. For each example, please define a "sounds like" - how it should sound;

3. Sounds like should be based on real words that are already understood.


The words that are used need to be words that the system already knows- words that you might find in the dictionary. In the example of "Jiminny", Jim is not a word but gym is a word that sounds the same so can be used to define that sound and mini is also a word that has the same sound. If you combine the two together this will tell the system what the word Jiminny sounds like and correctly replace it.

With your efforts, we will fortify the transcription and make it more accurate. 🚀