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Troubleshooting a "laggy" line

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 10th, 2021

Sometimes you'll be on a call and keep talking over each other. We hate it when that happens too.
It can often be a case of just bad timing, maybe you need to slow down a little. It can also occur due to latency at the carrier or network (if you're dialing over the Web).
If you persistently get problems, please run a live test to help us diagnose the problem. We have found that a manual counting test between two humans is the best way to calculate latency.

Test Instructions

You'll need to make a test call to someone in your region/country. This will require a little bit of setup- just add a colleague as a dummy lead in Salesforce.

When you start the call, say "one" and as soon as your colleague hears that, say "two", and as soon as you hear that say "three" and so on up to 10.
Obviously, this requires some pre-coordination between you and your colleague ahead of time so they know what to do when it comes time to place the actual call.

Sending in your results

Please send the support team the activity URLs from Jiminny. It's helpful if you can give 3 examples within 24 hours of each other.