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Receiving notifications through Slack

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 27th, 2022

New Dimension to using Slack!

Just to help you as management and as a team, we have utilised Slack in a way which enables leaders to coach their teams, and teams have the ability to coach each other and grow! All we're doing is planting the seed and watching you grow! 

Sharing calls

You have the ability to share your call in slack just the way shown below. This may be to get feedback from your manager or maybe you want feedback from your team! You're simply;

  • Clicking on share
  • Choose a team or a specific channel 
  • Leave a summary explaining why you're sharing the call 
  • Click on Share
  • The team member or channel will be notified in Slack

Once you receive the notification in Slack, it'll appear in your chosen channel like shown below! 😎

Setting up Nudges

Nudges allow you to subscribe and receive emails or Slack notifications periodically for conversations that are matching certain criteria set by you. If you wish to know more about how to use Nudges, please click on this article

Nudges are essentially similar to setting regular alerts in Slack to get notified of the criteria's you want to track. This can simply be from getting alerts every time competitors are mentioned in your conversations or any member from the team, to keeping track of your patience level in conversations. Make your selection using the filters on the left hand side and then simply clicking on "Get Notified". Give the nudge a name and create the alert! 🚀

You can expect to receive the following notifications:
  • Someone likes your activity
  • Someone comments on your activity
  • Your activity has been coached
  • Someone shares an activity with you
  • Someone has requested you to coach their activity
Note: If your registered email address in Slack doesn't match the one in Jiminny, we won't be able to match you up so you won't receive these.