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Finding & Updating your Activity Types in Salesforce

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 31st, 2023

How to find and update your Activity Types in Salesforce and Jiminny

If you're an Admin in Salesforce, you can find your current Salesforce Activity Types to update and map in Jiminny.

Finding your Activity Types in Salesforce

Salesforce Classic

In your Salesforce instance, click on Setup in the upper right to access your account settings. Select Customize > Activities.

Depending on how your Jiminny Playbooks are mapped, click Task Fields or Event Fields, and scroll down to Type. Click on Type to view your Task or Event Type picklist.

(Detailed screenshot here)
Note: The Type field must be set up as a single-value picklist.

Salesforce Lighting

In your Salesforce instance, click the "Cog" icon in the upper right and select Setup to open your Salesforce Setup view.
In the search bar on the left, search or select Objects & Fields, and click to open the "Object Manager." Depending on your Jiminny Playbook setup, select Task or Event from the Object list. Then select Fields & Relationships:

(Detailed screenshot here)
Scroll down and click on "Type" - this should pull up your Task or Event Type Picklist.
Note: The Type field must be set up as a single-value picklist.

Mapping New Activity Types to Jiminny

Upon first integrating Jiminny, we will auto-sync in your Activity Types. However, you can add new Activity Types in your Salesforce Picklists and then manually map these to Jiminny. See our more detailed article here.

Updating Jiminny Activity Types

After adding a new Activity Type, any Admin or Owner in Jiminny can map the new Activity Type to a Jiminny Playbook.
Just to go Organization > Playbooks and select "Activity Types" next to the Playbook where you want to add your new Type.

To add your new Activity Type, Select "Add Activity Type" and Type the field name exactly as it appears in Salesforce. Select if this Activity would take place on the Conference, Dialer, or All and Enable to complete the mapping.

You will need to add this Activity Type to each Playbook where you want it to appear in the Type dropdown. This helps to cut down reps scrolling through a long list.
You can also reorder the Activity Type list to put the most commonly select Types at the top of the dropdown list.

Do I need to update all Custom Field changes?

No! 🙌 If we have added any Salesforce custom fields to your Jiminny sidebar (like Outcome or Product), we sync in any new additions to these picklists automatically (at 20 past the hour).