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Launching the Outlook add-in for your team

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at January 31st, 2023

Streamline the install for your users

For simplicity, an Exchange Administrator can enable the Jiminny meeting scheduler add-in for all users or a select group. It is not yet possible to install via Centralized Deployment.

Install for All Users

  1. Visit the Exchange Admin Center;
  2. Under¬†Organization >¬†add-ins click the ‚ěē¬†icon;
  3. Click Add from URL;
  4. In the pop-up, type: https://outlook.jiminny.com/manifest.xml and click Install;
  5. Highlight the row that the add-in is located in and click the ‚úŹ (pen) icon to edit;
  6. Set the User Defaults to Optional, enabled by default and click Save.
Now all the users in the organization have the add-in installed. Once they restart Outlook or reload Outlook Web Access, they will see the Jiminny add-in.

Install for Some Users

Installing the add-in for a subset of your users is more complex. You'll need to setup a Distribution List for them in Exchange, then connect to Exchange Online PowerShell. Refer to Manage User Access To Add-Ins For Outlook (section Limit Availability To Specific Users) and the Set-App Mailbox Cmdlet for instructions.
Note: There are typos in the Manage User Access To Add-Ins For Outlook document provided by Microsoft. Every instance of "Organizationadd-in" should actually be "OrganizationApp". See the Set-App Mailbox Cmdlet document for correct examples!

Installing Individually

An individual user can install the add-in for themselves. It will only affect their account, not other users in the organization. For instructions please refer to the separate guide.
Note: the add-in will soon be available in the Microsoft Store for easier installation!