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Calling and texting with Sidekick

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at November 4th, 2022

Calling directly through your CRM

Do you know that you can also call a contact or send an SMS directly from your CRM? You will have a native Jiminny "Call" button. Once you click on it, the two dialling options and the SMS option would be available for use.


Call & SMS from anywhere 
You can dial out or send text directly from the Sidekick directly! It's really easy. Please find below wow to do this? When you open the Sidekick, you should go to the "Contacts".

There you should type the name of the contact that you would like to dial out to. As the Jiminny Sidekick is integrated automatically with your CRM, we can pull out every contact that is there! You have two different options for calling:
1. By clicking on the 📞 icon, you will call through the web;
2. By clicking on the 📱 you will forward the call to your mobile device;

Sending SMS via Sidekick
Sending SMS is even easier! You should simply find the contact as per the examples above and click on the "Message" icon:
A text box will pop-up. Simply write the text and click "Enter". Easy, ah? 🚀What will happen if someone replies? If someone replies to your SMS, you will receive it in the SMS window and you will also receive an email with the full details. You can even send a response via the email and this will forward the message to the receiver's mobile device! 😊 
 If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support team or book a Sidekick training session HERE! 🚀