Recording settings and guide for Admins

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 9th, 2021

You can set recording settings at your Organization level that will apply to all users

Each user can configure their recording settings but did you know that you can also override those settings on the Organization level? If you are an Admin, you can do this in the Organization recording settings.


You can control recording individually for both Outbound and Inbound (if applicable) calls. Three options are available:
  • On by Default
  • Off by Default
  • Rep's Decide
If you choose On/Off by Default, the users in your organization won't be able to change this. But if you set Rep's Decide, each user will be able to set the options as per their needs. In either case, your team can always start recording if not automatically enabled.


You can configure recording preferences depending on the type of meetings you want to record. 
Recording Announcement - Note: this only applies to the legacy Jiminny conference product. 
You can automate an announcement to help comply with the law. You can choose between "Automatic", "Off", "Beep" and "Rep's Decide". If you would like to set an announcement message in Zoom, please follow the instructions HERE

Automatic Recording
Here you can force the meetings to be automatically recorded or not. There are three possible options:
  • On by Default
  • Off by Default
  • Rep's Decide
In either case, your team can always start recording if not automatically enabled.

Record Instant Meetings and PMI Meetings 
Instant meetings are those which are not scheduled in your calendar and are started ad-hoc, in the moment.
Personal Meeting ID (PMI) based meetings use a unique, predictable ID which can be used multiple times for different meetings.
You can toggle these options to On or Off to record these meeting types. The options are available only for Admins, and impact the whole organization. 

Recording Compliance Mode 
Please read our full article on the Compliance mode HERE.
Bot Name
Do you know that now you can even customize the name of the bot joining your meetings? Please refer to the screenshot to see how to change the name.

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