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Get the data you need from Team Insights

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 14th, 2021

Take a deep dive into your team's performance and help them become the best version of themselves. Team Insights will provide you with detailed insights and analytics across your team's conversations in Jiminny. You will be able to see each team member's detailed stats and drill into the data that matters across your sales process.

Starting with your Dashboard 💻

The Dashboard is an overview and will show your team's overall stats over any period of time you choose. You will be able to see an overall activity breakdown for each key area of Team Insights. Just click on the header to enter that section you want and explore more

Applying the filters you need 🕵️

Use the filters you need to see the right people, teams, period, activity types, stages, and deal value, etc. You can select the filters and advanced filters you want to see on any subset of data that might be most interesting for you. Some examples would be...
  • Insights across a certain activity type 
  • Comparing teams or teammates
  • Viewing insights over a selected time period
  • Drilling into data at certain stages in the sales process 
  • Understanding insights on certain deal sizes in your market
We are adding more filters from our OnDemand library all time, if you have any requests just shout out and let us know! We would love to hear them ❤️

Conversations 🗣
Here you can find detailed statistics over your team's Video Conferences, Voice calls, and SMS messages. You will see these stats for all your integrations and Jiminny Voice if a user. This is designed to give you a real source of truth for attempted, connected, and logged information across your team each week.

Coaching 🎧
In your Coaching tab, you can see a breakdown of all the coaching activities across the team, to see areas the team is digging into - Total Listens, Coaching Focus Sessions, Live Coaching, Scorecards Completed, Feedback, and Shares. We even breakdown the team averages for you! 👍

Engagement Stats 📈
Engagement stats are even more of a game-changer when aggregated. You can find certain trends and insights you never knew before. What is our team's optional talk time on discovery call when we win? How many questions are our top-performing reps asking? You can drill in and easily see what good looks like, and see opportunities to support and help your team.

 Topics 💬
Understanding the topics discussed in each conversation is essential to help you grow and develop your team. In Team Insights you can start to see your Topics over a subset of data related to conversations and or steps in your sales process. See what Topics are mentioned at what times in the conversation? How often are these topics discussed? How long are we spending on these topics? Are we discussing these new features? 

If you have not set these up yet, see how here. Your dedicated Client Success Manager will support you all the way with this process 😊

Drilldown 🔩
Dive even deeper into yours and your teams statistics to find out exactly which calls are leading to these results. Now we have the exact calls we're looking for, self coaching, team coaching and peer to peer learning is now easier and more time efficient than ever. Not sure which call to kickstart your session with? Drilldown!

Downloading ⬇️
We understand you need to sometimes manipulate the data in a way that works for you. Today you can download to CSV all the data from Conversations and Coaching. Other tabs will have the download option shortly as well.

Next up is the Revenue tab 💵
This will give insights into very specific data that moves the needle. To start with this will focus on the frequency of competitor mentions and competitor mentions over time. Which competitor is coming up the most and when?
We hope you enjoy using Team Insights, as much as we did building it for you! 🤝
Don't hesitate to provide us with feedback or to shoot us a question, we will be more than happy to assist. You can always contact our Support team! 🙌