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Instantly invite Jiminny into your meetings

Learn how to easily invite Jiminny to your meetings with just a few clicks.

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at July 18th, 2023

You can invite the Jiminny.ai Notetaker to any meeting that you want! Cool right 😎
Today we support this for Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Gotomeeting & Ring Central. 

Why would I use this?

1. To record a meeting that you spin up in the moment and that is not scheduled in your calendar 
2. To record a meeting that is hosted outside your organization (e.g. a customer or a partner)
3. To record any meeting where the Notetaker has not automatically joined for you or it has been kicked out of the meeting by accident.

How do I use this?

You have two simple ways to invite the Jiminny Notetaker to your meeting...

1. Go to the Jiminny Dashboard and you'll see an "Invite the Notetaker" button. You'll need to copy and paste the full meeting URL into here, then simply wait (for up to just 1 minute) and the Notetaker will join your meeting to record.
2. If you use the Jiminny Sidekick you can also add the Notetaker directly from your Sidekick. Simply go to the conference tab and click the "Invite the Notetaker" button, and copy and paste the full meeting URL, then wait up to 1 minute for the Notetaker to join.

We hope this helps you capture even more critical calls and meetings to coach!

The Jiminny Team