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HubSpot Integration with Jiminny

Consolidate your tech stack, save time, and make your team better by integrating Jiminny with HubSpot

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 11th, 2023

To connect the HubSpot and Jiminny integration, please request a demo to get started!

Jiminny's integration with HubSpot improves communication and productivity, while enriching the data being pushed to your CRM. By capturing every customer conversation, you'll have unparalleled visibility into your team's performance and the data to understand where they need more development.  By combining Jiminny with HubSpot, you can:
  • Click and text-to-dial from HubSpot contacts page
  • Automatically record calls and log notes from the Jiminny dialer, that are auto logged to HubSpot
  • Conduct web conferences, capturing audio and video recording, timestamped notes, and guest engagement metrics
  • Tag and share key moments in the sales process - getting your whole team involved in coaching 
Integration Requirements:
  • A subscription to Jiminny
  • A subscription to HubSpot software (we recommend Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise)
To find out more, visit our website to request a demo to see the Jiminny + HubSpot integration in action!