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Save Time and Be Prepped with the Jiminny Call Summary

Written By Jack Bateman-Chuah (Super Administrator)

Updated at September 11th, 2023

One of the most common challenges teams face is getting a quick grasp on what’s going on in the client or prospect journey. Now, imagine if you could take an hour-long meeting and understand exactly what happened and the outcomes in just 90 seconds! (Pure fiction, I know)

What are Summaries?

Summaries are a streamlined way to condense a meeting into a few key components and ensure that anyone reading the summary has a strong high level understanding of the meeting and its outcome.

This insight allows the reader to understand potential opportunities and risks revealed within the meeting and be prepared for subsequent meetings quickly and efficiently. 

These summaries are generated by the platform artificial intelligence and use text captured from the transcript to identify the key snippets of a meeting and collate them into a lovely, accessible summary. 

Capturing Key Points:

As well as the  transcript, we use AI to provide a  summary of what was discussed and agreed during the call or meeting! You can even change the length of the summary for speed 😱

Simply select how much detail you want from the summary by selecting between the "Short", "Medium" & "Longest" and get a quick gauge on important deals and at risk clients.


What languages are summaries available in?

Currently summaries are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian & German with future languages in the roadmap. What this means is that we’re automating the note-taking across multiple languages at scale to give your international sales reps this timesaving hack tool. 

It should be noted that this multilingual summary functionality is unique to Jiminny and part of our conviction to build ever more value into the platform for our customers. 

Which calls won't be summarised?

Calls under 90 seconds long will not be summarised. The conversations will need to be a minute or longer for the summary to work.