Save Time and Be Prepped with the Jiminny Call Summary

Written By Andrew Ryan (Super Administrator)

Updated at February 25th, 2022

Imagine you can take an hour long meeting and understand exactly what happened and the outcomes in just 90 seconds!

One of the challenges teams face is getting a quick grasp on what’s going on in client or prospect journeys. Time is of the essence so at Jiminny, we’ve created Call Summary to save time for both managers and reps by summarising key conversation points in calls through clever AI.

Capturing Key Points

As well as the  transcript, we use AI to provide a  summary of what was discussed and agreed during the call or meeting! You can even change the length of the summary for speed 😱

Simply select how much detail you want from the summary by selecting between the "Shortest" all the way to the "Longest" and get a quick gauge on important deals and at risk clients.


Which languages are covered?

Currently the summariser is only available in English. We’re hoping to provide the feature in additional languages later in the year. 

Which calls won't be summarised?

Calls under 90 seconds long will not be summarised. The conversations will need to be a minute or longer for the summary to work.