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Using Your Bullhorn Integration

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 14th, 2021

Contact/Candidate Sync

If you're placing/receiving a call via Jiminny Sidekick, or hosting a meeting, Jiminny will automatically look up the contact or candidate based on phone number or calendar invite.

If you associate the conversation with a Job Order, the salary will also be collected by Jiminny for filtering purposes. Candidate and Job Order statuses are also collected.

Click to Dial via Sidekick
Currently click-to-dial is not available with the Bullhorn integration.

Activity Logging

Calls, meetings and text messages are logged as Notes in Bullhorn. You can log to a Candidate or a Contact. If you are logging against a Contact, you can also attach the call to the Company and Job Order (Vacancy).
Note Data
  • Bullhorn Entity: Note
  • Author: User placing or taking the call/meeting
  • Action: Activity Type selected when logging
  • Minutes Spent: Duration of conversation
  • Comments: Information collected during call, and link back to Jiminny
  • Association(s): Client Contact/Company/Job Order or Candidate
Updating Status
When logging the conversation, you can also update the status of a Candidate or Job Order.

Auto-logging Activity

If you prefer to not log calls via Jiminny, you can instead create your notes in Bullhorn and Jiminny will automatically link the two together. 
How it Works
15 minutes after the call or meeting ends, Jiminny will search Bullhorn for notes the host has saved against the customer.
If we find a note around the time of the call, it will be linked to the Jiminny activity:
  • Minutes Spent is updated with the actual duration of the conversation
  • Comments¬†are updated with information collected during call, and link back to Jiminny
  • Action is stored as the Activity Type
Please raise a support ticket requesting this feature is enabled.