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Troubleshooting Salesforce

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at November 15th, 2022

Common API errors explained

Jiminny exchanges data with your Salesforce instance via an API. Usually this works without a hitch but sometimes errors can occur. This typically happens when logging activity or during data synchronization. You'll get an email to let you know.
We've compiled a list of the most common problems and how to resolve them.

No such column 'Type' on sobject of type Task

This error typically occurs when logging an activity from Jiminny. The cause is that the user does not have Field Level Security for the Type field on the Task/Event object.

  • Review permission group and field access for the impacted user
  • Add write and read access to the Type field


This error is related to your Salesforce API usage limits. Your instance limits are shared among all of the apps you have connected to Salesforce. Salesforce measures API calls on a trailing-24-hour-window basis.
If you get this error it should be resolved with urgency:
  • Check if another system is heavily using your API quota
  • Increase your credits by adding more Salesforce users (each user gets another amount of API calls per day) or buying more API credits. This can often be requested on a temporary basis from your Salesforce Account Manager.


This error means that there is a validation rule that enters data into a Salesforce field. When Jiminny tries to update the field, our data is hitting this exception created by the validation rule when the record was updated.
To correct this error, update the validation rule to fire only when the required field is blank and the field that is being updated from the trigger is not changed.

Bad value for restricted picklist field: xyz

This error occurs when the record type associated with an activity does not have access to a picklist value. This typically happens with Global Value Picklists.
To correct this error:
  1. Find the record type associated with the object (e.g. the task record type);
  2. Find the offending picklist and select edit;
  3. Add the values to the record type under "Selected values".

Required Field Missing

This error occurs when your Salesforce instance requires the data in a certain field to be complete before the action. For example, changing a stage or logging activity. Typically the error is accompanied with the missing field. You have two options to correct this error:
  • Complete the field in Salesforce so the error does not occur
  • Remove the requirement in your Salesforce settings



Unable to obtain exclusive access to this record or 1 records

These errors can occur when the record you are attempting to update is being updated by another user or action (e.g. batch process) at the same time.
  • Try to log the activity again after a few minutes
  • If this error continues to occur, there is likely a workflow triggered when you attempt to update the field. Check with your Salesforce Administrator to remove the trigger.

Insufficient access rights on object id

This error occurs when you're trying to update a record, but do not have permissions to do so. For example, you are not the opportunity owner and don't have Modify All permission. Salesforce provide further guidance on resolving this here.
Invalid cross reference id
This occurs when Jiminny attempts to insert or update a row in Salesforce that has a field value which references another Salesforce record that either doesn't exist, or isn't accessible by the API user. If the user has recently changes Salesforce account, please provide their User ID to us.

Cannot reference converted lead

This occurs when you're trying to update the status of, or log activity to a lead that has since been converted into an account/contact/opportunity.
If you're trying to change the status, you're out of luck because the lead can no longer be changed. 
If you're logging an activity, head back to Jiminny and change the customer to the converted object (e.g. the new contact) and log again.