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Logging activity to Salesforce from your conference

Written By Bekkie Wetz (Super Administrator)

Updated at December 10th, 2021

Jiminny automation with Salesforce.com

If you remember one thing remember this:

Jiminny allows you to update activity info and set up future activity from your conference and automatically logs everything to Salesforce. We make it really easy to keep on top of sales admin and stop you jumping from one app to another, helping you work smarter.

What you’ll love as a user:

  • You can link a meeting to an outstanding task keeping your task list focused and clutter free (New!)
  • You can use the activity log in the sidebar to update fields before, during and after the meeting, whatever works for you, use your time effectively (New!)
  • Mark meetings as ‘internal’ so you’re not reminded to update sales data when it’s not necessary (New!)
  • The fields will populate automatically based on your info in Salesforce saving you time
  • Take notes during your meeting with all detail summarised under the activity in Salesforce and stop duplicating note taking

What you’ll love as a manager:

  • Customizable fields built to log and track what’s important in your sales process (New!)
  • Up to date and reliable Salesforce data and a happy team who get to blitz through sales admin faster

Where do we log the activity?

You'll find everything you log from your conference room under ‘activity history’ on the relevant Salesforce lead, contact, account or opportunity.

What can we log?

We can set it up to log whatever's important for you to track, here’s some basics:
  • Activity type (e.g. Discovery Call)
  • Subject
  • Stage
  • Attendee list
  • Duration of call
  • Link to the sales meeting recording
  • Meeting notes
  • Call outcome
  • Product type