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Vonage Contact Center Guide
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We are on a mission to help ambitious sales & success teams reach their goals and grow. By breaking down the barriers that have prevented coaching & collaboration we help teams unlock their potential.

Overview of the dialer:

“Change is an essential part of the Vonage DNA. Our original business brought VoIP to families and small businesses. And now we’re making communications more flexible, intelligent, and personal to help enterprises the world over stay ahead. We've brought leaders in unified communications, contact centers, and communications APIs all under one roof. Together, we’ve created the world’s most flexible cloud communications platform.” - Vonage website

With Vonage Contact Center your conversations will be automatically imported into Jiminny where they will be transcribed and analyzed. You will be able to search, listen and share knowledge to your entire organization. The coaching opportunities are endless - self-coach, learn from a peer, gain valuable feedback from a manager, etc.

Setup type:
You’ll need to get in touch with us in order to help you get set up but we’re very friendly and efficient so don’t worry!


Your organisation must have access to the Interactions Content API in Vonage. Access is granted upon request, so please contact your Vonage CSM.

Your email address in Vonage must match either your primary or your secondary email in Jiminny. This is mandatory as it enables our system to correctly match all calls to their respective Jiminny user.

Note: For best results with the transcription we recommend the calls to be in a stereo format. This can be specified in the setup in Vonage.


Please provide us with the following information and we'll set the integration up for you:

  • Client key and secret - you will have to generate a key/secret pair that Jiminny will use to connect to Vonage

    • To generate API credentials, follow this guide

    • Name - put Jiminny here, so that you can identify the app easily.

    • Scopes - put interaction-content:read users:read

  • Your Vonage Contact Center region - one of EMEA, APAC, NAM

Key Benefits:

All the calls will be imported within fifteen minutes of them taking place. Isn't that amazing? 🚀

It will increase visibility as each member of the team will be able to find the exact key moment in the call in seconds to pinpoint coaching moments. 🔥

You will be able to join a call and live-coach it, leave feedback throughout any playback, share specific key moments with the team and much more.


Which calls do we pull in?

Once the Vonage Integration is connected, Jiminny will start to import all calls made in Vonage by active Jiminny Users.

Calls should be imported and processed in Jiminny no later than 15 minutes after the call has ended in Vonage.

Which calls don't we pull in?

Those where the user doesn’t exist in Jiminny.

What if my calls are not pulling into Jiminny?

Please check if your email with Vonage matches the email you are currently using with Jiminny. We'll need both emails to match for us to be able to pull your calls through.

If your email being used in Vonage is different to the one in Jiminny, then you'll be able to go onto profile in Jiminny, then under "Secondary email" you can enter the second email to enable Jiminny to sync and pull in your calls.

How does the mapping between Vonage, CRM & Jiminny Work?

When we import a call from Vonage, we look for your prospect's details in your CRM by their phone number. In case there's a match, we will link the call to your prospect and/or deal. Please keep in mind that if the number you are calling is not in your CRM, this won't work.

If you still need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our Support team! 🚀

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